Vince Fennell Bio

From an email Vince sent to Laura Dunagan, August 9, 2007

Briefly, after MCHS I entered UCLA and didn't see the light of day until 1970. Four years as an undergrad, 4 years in UCLA Med School, a year of internship, and 4 years of radiology residency and fellowship. In 1970, after all of that, I took a position in Honolulu at the Queen's Medical Center on Punchbowl St. I got very bored after about 2 years and returned to Northridge Hospital where I practiced until fall of 2005. In November of that year I began practice in an outpatient center near the hospital where I still work full time. But, no more weekends, nights, and holidays, which is a treat.

I was first married in 1967 and was far too young and immature. I separated from my first wife, got divorced, and remarried in June 1986 after 13 years if marriage. My first wife has remarried and is doing fine. There were no children. There have been no children with my second wife who is a darling. Her name is Annely and she was born in Holland and is 7 years younger than I. However, I do have a son. I had a brief dalliance between marriages and Todd, my 31 year old doctor son, was the result. 
Interestingly, I did not know of his existence until February of 2005. It's a long story. To make it shorter, his mother got pregnant, chose not to tell me, moved to Florida, and there he grew up with a stepfather, who was a good man. He stepfather died, his mother decided he should know his father, me, and we met and a DNA test was ++++ and we have a great relationship. My family was a bit shocked but now love him. He is a doctor in training in South Carolina and is getting married next May. My wife Annely has a 39 year old son, Steven, who has a 9 year old son named Justin. That's all the reproduction I'm aware of.

Along the way I have pursued many interests, flying airplanes for 30 years, hi fi, golf, photography, amateur radio, motorcycles, which I still enjoy. I spend a lot of time reading and I'm working my way through most of the Russians and key Englishman. Check out my photo website: I do a lot of Photoshop work and have sold quite a few images.

My medical practice has radically changed since I began, with the computer revolution with CT, MRI, Ultrasound, etc. They were all developed during my career and I enjoy what I do.

My health so far is good and I've kept my hair.

Vince Fennel, August 9, 2007