Gwen Florea Bio

From an email from Gwen Florea, August 2, 2007:

It was so much fun reading your emails, so I thought I send you a little of my history. I worked as a hairdresser for a couple of years in Southern California then moved to St. Thomas V. I. Working there and sailing around the Caribbean. Back in LA was partners in a bar called the Oar House. Created a wild and crazy sound system which caught the attention of a VP at Mattel. Ended up working at Mattel creating talking and sound toys for many years. Became the voice of the talking Barbie Doll.

After Mattel worked for a firm as Advertising/PR Director with offices in LA, Paris, and Moscow. Spent three years traveling around the US, Paris, and Moscow running trade shows. Got tired of all the traveling especially to Moscow. My father was a director of over 600 television shows. Thought it would be fun to become a director. Studied continuity (script supervisor). Worked behind the camera as a script supervisor and in front as an actress part time. During this time I was a volunteer for many charities, raising millions of dollars. Ended up working full time as a professional fundraiser.

Was diagnosed with MS and told I would not walk if I kept working in high stress jobs.

When I was at MiCoHi, El Camino, and UCLA, I studied fine arts. Created letter art using special designs for each letter. Moved to Maui to kick back and paint. Got a position painting my letter art in the window of an art gallery in Lahina for several years. Moved to Las Vegas and am plying my art trade at Planet Hollywood. Wrote the book about my adventures at Mattel and how I became the voice of Barbie. I love the two web sites you created for me.

Gwen Florea, August 2, 2007