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Albert Brandt at the Berlin Wall, around 1997

Guide with Tim and Albert Brandt, Costa Rica, 2007

Skip and Bernie (Haskins) Borges

?? and Ron Bukowski in Cabo

Phyllis (Byrd) Stanley, June (Gill) (Haskins), 
and Nancy (Trexler) Stoffer

Jim Stewart
Jim Stewart, in WA, 2007

Carolyn (Ewart) Stewart with son

1959 Sprite and Bruce Cowan (right)

Addie Love (left) and Bruce Cowan (right) with one of their safari staff in Africa


Annely and Vince Fennell

Annely and Vince Fennell

Vince Fennell
Pat Barnett, 2009
Pat Barnett
At home after tennis, February 18, 2009
Pat Barnett, 2009
The photo says; "Pat, the grandfather, Kilian, and Colman" 

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