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Bob Garland, 2007

Mrs. and Mr. Bob Garland, 2007

Linda Meyers in Sicily, 2006

Linda Meyers at her retirement party
December, 2005

Val (Byrne) Gilbert 2007

Val (Byrne) Gilbert with neighbor 
at Bodega Bay, 2007

Nick Comitas at the County Fair, 2006 

Trentp Casticone 2006
Trento Castricone, 2006 (via Nick)
Trento Castircone 2010
Trento Castricone, 2010 (from Trento)

Cecelia (Myers) and Herman Brown

Laurie and George Stoneman 
at Victoria Falls, Zambia, 2007

Marilyn Reynold, 2007
in her Long Beach kitchen

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