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Darrah (El Segundo, '59) and Web Whitlock, 2007

Ron Segerblom, 2006
school picture of 3rd grade calculus teacher at Bayside Elementary School in Virginia Beach, VA

Group of Four, 2007, from Mike Gardner ('58) 
Mike, Ed Edwards, Jack Eastman, Pat Lowry

Marcia Shatan, 2007
Gil Archuletta and Marilyn Lyon Hancock
Gil Archuletta and Marilyn Lyon Hancock, with us at Ercoles, April 4, 2008, discussing the upcoming party 
(from Herman)

Linda Meyers and Annely Fennell, 2008
Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens

Laura Dunagan, Linda, Annely, 2008
State Street in Santa Barbara (from Laura)

Laura and Linda, St. Patrick's Day, 2008
Redondo Beach Pier

At Purple Hills Ranch - Laura, Annely, Linda Skelton, Linda Meyers, June 2008

Laura with Vince and Annely Fennell

Lance Nowland
Lance Nowland, 2008

Laura and Annely

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