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Nancy (Dornoff) and Craig Drennon, and LaVonne (Heimforth) Connor at Lake Havasu
(4 pictures from Virginia (Savoie) Tait


LaVonne, Virginia, and Nancy


Craig, Nancy, Virginia, LaVonne

Virginia and LaVonne


Kris (Kelly) Hutchins, left top, with friends at an awards Croquet Club luncheon, NJ, 8/28/08, from Kris.

See the picture to the right (from George Laun)> 

Hi Friends, I use that term loosely because a real friend would be helping me with a shovel.

Anyway, it snowed all night and now we have about two and a half feet or more of that white stuff. This picture was taken at about 7:18 a.m. 

The temp was 24 and I have finished clearing the driveway enough to get the car out. OUT WHERE? I say. The street has yet to be plowed. The I-90 is closed from the Wyoming State line to Rapid City. But, thank God, I have plenty of spiritus fermenti so I can hole up here in my nice warm house 'til they plow the street.

I am getting a little fuzzy now because I imbibed a little bit to ward off a chill.

George Laun at home
George Laun at home in Lead, SD, 11/06/08

You guys are missing the fun. Wish you were here. I REALLY do.

Your friend in the wilds of South Dakota.

Poppa George

Judy Cleland 2009
Judy (Cleland) Bergen 2009, 
from Marilyn (Lyon) Hancock
Judt Cleland 2009

Leonard Headley and daughter

Leonard's wife, Josefina

Leonard and Josefina

Leonard with Josefina and his daughter in-law with the grandkids


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