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Sunday visit to Manhattan Beach, 5 pictures from Vince Fennell, May 4, 2010

Annely and Vince Fennell

Jeff and Diane Plough

Vince, Jeff, Diane

Karen and Tom Crager along with Riverdog, in front of our home in Havasu, summer 2010

Tom Crager and petroglyphs - 2008

Bob Anderson and Linda Nielsen
Robert Anderson
with friend Linda Nielsen - 2007
Bob Anderson and Sandy Sarver
Robert Anderson
with sister Sandy Sarver ('60) - 2010

Tom Kendrick, 2011

Cecelia Myers Brown and Joe Silk
Greenville 2011

Joe Silk, Greenville 2011

Web and Darrah (El Segundo, '59) Whitlock, 
50th wedding anniversary, May 2012

Sara Jo Whited Johnson with Bob Gibson, June, 2011

Sara Jo with her three sons, 2011

Sara Jo with two granddaughters, 2012

Sara Jo and Gail Mungen
Chris Bader and his youngest granddaughter
Chris Bader and his youngest granddaughter

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