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From Sandi Winkler Hummer:

< 1970? Tutor, a School Boy H. Cutting horse colt, a stud horse, Rich Hummer, Barri Hummer and Linda Nielsen, our little neighbor and me, Sandi, with the sun grins talking to Linda's sister up on the horse stall roof, in Oakdale, California. The girls had just come up from the river. They were almost 9 years old.

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Phyllis Byrd and Judy MacLardie, 1956
(from Phyllis)

The Black Twins Birthday Party, April 1952
Standing: Judy Weigand, Susan Barrington, Jean Lindesmith, Gail Greaves, Laura Le Smith, Glenda Goodwin
Sitting: DeAnne Black, Judy Young, Dicelle Black, Judy Cleland, Susan Helm

Jean Lindesmith (date unknown)
(from http://www.tmason1.com/pafg08.htm)
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