From Susan (Broberg) and Ron McDill
Last update: 10/23/2010
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Senior Ditch Day.
Charlotte Redmond, Ann Noland, Kathy Nelson, Mary Ann Redmond

Another get-together.
Nora (Briggs) Hild, Susan (Broberg) McDill, Jeanette (Gay) Lay, Dicille (Black) Curtis

MCHS Classes of 1956 and 1957 in 2006, at Doug Couch Ranch in Temecula

Wilbur Whitlock and Dicelle (Black) Curtis

Class of 1957 at Dicelle and Richard's House.
David Couch, Jeanette (Gay) Lay, Jack McCollum, Dicelle (Black) Curtis, Sandy (Kast) McCollum, Susan (Broberg) McDill, Skip Stratton, Ron McDill

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