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Last update: 10/23/2010
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Linda Knox and some exchange students.

?, ?, Mr. Wayne Roy and wife, ?, Joan Rissť, Lloyd Waller at Avalon

Carleen Weeding, me,  Bennet Georgen, Linda Knox

Carleen, Bennet, Mike Ross, Linda Knox, Jeff Causey, Bryan Watson

Pat Barnet, Linda Knox, me, Jerry Craig, Ralph Bergo. Baccalaureate at Redondo High

Back: Carleen Weeding, Mike Ross, Linda Knox, Pauline Hayward and Don Long
Front: Katsumi Sunada, Ralph Bergo, Jerry Craig

I see Jim Withers in the back, and Rudy Arce in front. That's all I recognize.

Boat to Catalina on Senior Ditch Day

Ozden Erensoy and Jeff Causey

Pekka Lahtinen and Cecily Bond

Me with my sister and mother

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