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Last update: 10/24/2010
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Me in front of Avalon, sitting on the outboard motor of my first boat, a 16' Birchcraft, in 1960. Bought the motor from Bob & Bill Meistrel, owners of Dive n' Surf in Redondo. Bobby is still alive and we remain friends to this day. NOTE: They certified me for Aqua Lung diving back in 1954 at the Hermosa Biltmore. Musta been the start of something

Me standing by a load of abalone picked at San Clemente Island about 1965. Wish I had a couple now

  Another load of abs on "Dusky" running in to market from Santa Barbara Island, about 1975

 Marlin "bycatch". Once in awhile off Mexico while trolling for albacore we would snag a "big game fish",  around 1977

 1985 off Salt Point above Bodega Bay finishing off a big load of sea urchin

  "Dusky" in it's slip in Morro Bay. 1997

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