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Judy (Hagenbaugh) Thun's Pictures
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My friend,  Donna Wardean, Venice High '60

Addie Love, Ron McDill, Bruce Cowan

Mike Roth, Dave Hodson, Bruce Hampton

?, Dicille (Black) Cole, Sue (Broberg) McDill

Donna, Vince Fennell

Vince, Judy

Cecelia (Myers) Brown, Horst Zimmerman

Gil Archuletta, Judy

Judy, Robert Garland

Judy, Carolyn (Ewart) Stewart, Gwen (Strong) Myers, Donna

Susan (Cranmore) Wells, Gwen Florea, Horst

Linda Peterson, Jeanette (Gay) Loy, Ron McDill, Kathy (Parker) Coble, Sandy (Kast) McCollum

Linda, Ron, Kathy, Judy

Blaise and Toni (Lombard) Subbiondo

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