Mira Costa High School Class of 1957
Greenville Mini 55th Reunion, July 11 - 15, 2012

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In the second week of July, 2012, we had a mini 55th MCHS reunion up here in Greenville CA.

Gwen (Strong) Myers had originally suggested the idea for picking a spot in Northern California for a reunion, and the plan soon was in the works.

The final dates were eventually picked by mutual consensus.

The attendees included classmates from Arizona, Oregon, Palm Springs, and the Southern California beach areas.

These included Bob and Mary Baker, who arrived on Wednesday, Bob and Sharon Garland, who arrived on Thursday, Gil Archuletta, Marilyn (Lyon) Hancock and Judy (Cleland) Bergen, who arrived on Friday, and Web Whitlock, Gwen (Strong) Myers, Dave and Shirley Hodson, Lavonne (Heimforth) Conner, Virginia (Savoie) Tait, and Mike Ormsby, who all arrived on Saturday.  

Mike's arrival was an unexpected but very pleasant surprise for us.

Wednesday was a quiet day spent with the Bakers, and on Thursday, I took the Garlands out for a long drive around our  valley.

Cecelia prepared dinner at home for both nights

On Friday, Cecelia again prepared dinner here, which now included the newest arrivals, Gil, Marilyn, and Judy.

On Saturday, Cecelia and I, the Bakers, the Garlands, Marilyn, Judy, and Gil, all went to Lake Almanor for a pleasant lunch in Prattville.

That evening, after the rest arrived, we enjoyed the dinner party at home, outside. We had previously invited our daughter and son-in-law to join us.

For the main dish, Bob Baker had prepared spaghetti with a delicious sauce using some of the wild porcini mushrooms I had picked earlier in the year.

On Sunday, we all went for casual afternoon meal at a mountain resort named Drakesbad. The drive to Drakesbad was pretty long, very rough at the last 3 miles, and had lots of curves, but we finally arrived together in time for lunch.

Mike left from Drakesbad for his return home, and on the way back, we took everyone to our daughter and son-in-law's new store in Chester, where a few purchases were made.

That evening, the final meal together was spent at a local dinner house.

On Monday morning, we all said our final goodbyes.

I think we all had a grand time together, talking about the past and learning more about each other. It was amazing how much we had in common and how often our lives had crossed paths.

For me, it was the first time I had met, or spent any real time with, some of the classmates and their spouses.

Good memories!

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