Mira Costa High School Class of 1957
Lyon-Hancock Mini-reunion Reunion, April

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On April 5th, 2008, Cecelia and I attended a mini-reunion at Marilyn (Lyon) and Tom Hancock's home. We had been invited to stay with them for a long weekend, so  we were the first to arrive.

Gil Archuletta and Marilyn had previously had a lunch together planning the party, and we had seen Gil on Friday night, at Ercoles in Manhattan Beach for drinks and then to the Mermaid in Hermosa Beach for dinner.

About 30 attended the party Saturday night. Below are some of my pictures, followed by other's:

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Gil and Marilyn at Ercoles, Friday night

Cecelia and me, also Friday night

Mike Ormsby, smiling

Mike and Pat (Owings, '58) Roth and me

Pat and me

Ellen and Jim Withers and Kathy (Parker) Coble

Judy (Cleland) Bergen

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