Mira Costa High School Class of 1957
May Day Mini-Reunion,
May 2009

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In May of 2009, it was decided to have a May Day reunion at the Mermaid Restaurant in Hermosa Beach. Judy (Cleland) Bergen organized the event. Laura Dunagan came over from Hawaii, brought beautiful leis for everyone, and even performed a hula dance for the group.

The following are some of the photos that were taken. 

Judy (Cleland) Bergen's Pictures

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Marcia Schatan, Vince Fennell, Tom Hancock, Gil Archuletta

Pat (Owings) Roth and Mike Roth, Mike Ormsby, Marilyn (Lyon) Hancock

Laura Dunagan, Linda Meyers, Linda Durbin, Katy Grannis

 ?, Rosemary (Deauville) Mackinga, Donna (Gibbs) Duerr and Ray Duerr

Diane (Atwood) Plough, Judy and Chris Bader, Jeff Plough

Clockwise: Nora Briggs, Susan (Broberg) McDill, Pat and Patricia (Murphy) Murray, Web Wilcox, Sandy Kast (red hat)

Marcia Schatan

Marcia, and Judy (Cleland) Bergen

Marcia, Judy, and Marilyn (Lyon) Hancock

Tom Hancock, Gil Archuletta, and Linda (Skelton) Zimmerman

Annely and Vince Fennell, Tom Hancock, Gil Archuletta

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