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Penny (Welch) Armstrong's Pictures
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Kathy (Parker) Coble

Bob and Gwen (Strong) Myers

Shirley and Dave Hodson

Suzy and Nick Comitas

Gwen (Srong) Myers, Penny (Welch) Armstrong, Kathy (Parker) Coble

Diane (Atwood) Plough, Jack (Furface) Eastman, Val (Byrne) Gilbert, Bruce Hampton

Jim Withers, Dicille (Black) Curtis and De Anne (Black) Cole

Sharon and Robert Garland

Gwen Florea

Linda (Skelton) Zimmerman

Lynn (Higgins) Shafsky

Donna (Wyatt-Gibbs) Duerr and Patsy Murray

Val and Penny

Val, Carol Sue (Melcher) Stever, Diane (Atwood) Plough, and Chris and Judy Bader

Gail Greaves and Dave Hodson

Jeff Plough and Diane, Chris, Roberta (Brown) McAlpine

Charlotte Redman and ?

Gloria (Stadtmiller) Balcom and Kathy

Rosemary (Deauville) Makinga

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