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(most recent first, since 04/24/07)

Last page update: 01/03/2014


More good news!

I recently added some pictures for Rollie Stauffer, including a pair for the Then and Now section.

And, mostly due to George Laun, more of the missing have been located, and for a few I have added some contact information *.

These include:

  1. Roxie Say *
  2. Gary Hiland
  3. Patricia Peak *
  4. Charlie Marshall *
  5. Bryan Watson
  6. Marilyn Zielke *

Hope you all are also having a great Holiday Season.


Just a quick note, this time happier news.

George Laun was finally able to locate Lost Classmate Suzy Towler, and she just sent me permission to add her contact information to the Class of 1957 web site.

Her contact info can be found at HERE under her last name.

If the added info isn’t visible, you may have to refresh the page.

She said that a recent photo will follow.

Also, if you ever find a mistake or missing picture at the web site, please let me know.


George Laun has been spending lots of work and time trying to locate all of those on the Class of 1957 “Missing” list, and he has found many of them.

He has called and talked to many classmates and has sent me many addresses where I might contact some of them for more information.

So far the following classmates have recently been located and are still with us:

  1. Douglas Hayward
  2. Robert Kawell
  3. Betsy Leslie
  4. Margaret (Peggy) Menard
  5. Shirley Norman
  6. Patricia Joan Peak

Unfortunately, in the process of trying to find them, he found that some had passed away.

This list sadly includes:

  1. Raymond Heller (2007)
  2. Loretta Gail Falls (2010)
  3. Patricia Colman (2011)
  4. Andrea Nollan (2013)
  5. Carole Almaretto Wood (2013)

For some of those still with us, I have added contact information at the site, and for many others, I am awaiting for replies with additional information.

I have been updating the site as I get more information, but I had to completely redo the Lost Ones Movie:

I think it may load faster now and may even load easier on a Mac.

But it is getting longer.


George Laun has sent me lots of contact info, so I have added it the web site and removed the names from the Missing list.

These include James MacDowall, Rita Feliciano, and Bob Hayes.

class57.html is the link to the section. I may have forgotten a few names, but when I find them, I will send them.


Since my last update, I found that I had a CD with the whole MCHS class registry and added married names to the Class of 1957 pages.
Because the registry was dated 2004, I am sure there has been many changes.

Please don’t hesitate to send me any corrections needed.

I corrected many other mistakes as I found them, and those were only on the classmates that got married names.

I also used the email list on the CD to send emails to those for whom I did not have an address, but I only got one return. Most of the
rest of the addresses were no longer valid.

I did hear back from Val Newell and have since added his contact info to the Class of 1957 pages.

Through another classmate, I was able to contact Rita Feliciano, but I am still waiting for permission to add her contact information.

I received more great photos from Robert von Sternberg and Frank DuBose, and I added those to the Recent Photos section.

Linda (Skelton) Zimmerman sent me some photos of an Alaska tour she recently shared with Linda Meyers and Laura Dunagan, which I added also. Looks like they all had a grand time together.


I just added a few photos sent to me by Frank DuBose, and one from Linda (Skelton) Zimmerman’s tour of Alaska.

I added page 10 to the recent photo page for theses photos. You may have to click on Refresh to see the latest version.

I also lost my mailing list, so while reconstructing it, I may have added a few names by mistake.

If so, please let me know.

I also see that I have lots of errors on other pages. Got to get to work!


Another sad report. 

I was recently informed of the passing of MCHS classmate David D. Webber. I know very little other than that he died this year.

I have added his name to the lost list and movie and added a pair of pictures of him to the Then and Now section, with a picture taken on Valentine’s day, 2012.

I will update the site as I get more information. 


Frank DuBose just sent me some great pictures of himself as well as for his dad, who had taught Industrial Arts at Mira Costa and lived until age 101 in 2006.

I added a pair for each of them in the Then and Now section and added a link to a picture taken when Frank Sr. was inducted into the Auburn Hall of Honor

I also added a link in the Class of 1957 section to Frank’s web site.


A little past due but still sad news: Tom Kendrick just informed me that Larry Lauterborn had passed away in 2006, and Lavern Cowan just informed me that Ruth Hughes had passed away while we were in our senior year at Micohi.

I added both of them to our class “lost” list and “lost movie” (on the "Missing" page.

I still get tears in my eyes when I look at that movie.


I just added contact Info, Then and Now pictures, plus a short bio for LaVern Cowan (Brown).


Just a quick update to tell you that Kathy Coble (Parker ) was just contacted by another missing classmate, Tom Kendrick.

I have since removed him from the "missing" list, uploaded his contact info, added Then and Now pictures, plus I included a short bio for him.

I also updated the “K” section of the Then and Now pages, and hopefully will be updating all the email addresses very soon. 


This now seems like this is the only new lately: 

I was just told by Marilyn (Lyons) Hancock that Don Reagan class of 1957 passed away on December 17 of last year.

If anyone knows his exact date of birth, other than 1937, please let me know.

Here is the link to his obituary: reagan.html


More bad news. I just was told that Adrienne A. Smith class of '57 passed away on January 20, 2009.

If anyone knows her date of birth, please let me know.

I also added a page about Sandi Winkler, but I will probably be replacing it as soon as I get more stories about her.


I hope to see you all soon.


So sad to announce that Sandi Winkler-Hummer just passed away April 13.

When we get back from Arroyo Grande the first of next month, I will have more information to share with you.

She will be missed by many:


I recently heard from one of our classmates listed in the Missing section, Robert Anderson, and have added his contact info, a few Then and Now photos, and two pictures (larger versions of the Then and Nows) to page 9 of the New Pictures section.

And those of you who have forgotten to send me a recent picture of yourself, please do so soon, before it is too late.


More sad news: recently Dicelle Black Curtis sent out a notice saying that Verna Woolman Sacchi just passed away January 17th, 2011.  

I have added her to the Lost Page and to the Lost Video.

Also, because of the slim response I received in regards to the suggested all-day picnic next year, it looks like we may not have our next big get-together until our  60th reunion in 2017.

Hope to get to see most of you then.


Today I added to the site some old and new pictures, a bio, and some contact info, for Tom Crager. 

I also cleaned up a few errors (probably adding some new ones) and added to the Then and Now pages, a few 2010 pictures taken at the 60th All-Class Reunion.
Because the personal web page links were lost when I removed the Class Directory, I placed them on the Class of 1957 pages.

When I mentioned last that "something is in the works", I was referring to a plan to have a Class or 1957 all-day picnic some time and place in 2012. This will a kind of 55th reunion. I was told by a few classmates, at and after the 60th all-class reunion, that it might be a good idea.

The date is open as is the place to meet, so I will need suggestions and preferences, and will need some help getting information about the place we pick to meet.

Gil suggested Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach and Valley Park in Hermosa Beach.

I think October might be a good time of year for the event.

The place we chose to meet will need parking, tables and chairs, and most likely, shade.

So if you have any thoughts or suggestions, and if you would even be interested in the plan, please let me know.


Just to let you know that I have added more pictures for the MCHS 60th All-Class Reunion.

If you see any mistakes or can provide missing names, please let me know.

And if you were there and have some pictures you want to share, please send them to me, either as a photo or an image file that is at least 1024 pixels wide, and I will add them to the site.

With lots of input from Jack Eastman, this collection of pictures is very different, as you will see.

Yes, we did have a good time together AGAIN.

I also added some new contact information for Carol Nix.


First of all, the MCHS 60th All-class Reunion the month was a blast, at least for the Class of 1957 attendees.

It started for some at Ercoles on Friday night, for a few of us, dinner at Beach's in Manhattan, then Waller Stadium on Saturday morning, followed by a get together at the Union Cattle Company in Hermosa Beach.

You can tell WE had a good time if you look at the pictures I have uploaded so far, at 60th All-Class Reunion.

I will add more names later, but most of us you should recognize by now.

I added married names for both Sara Jo Whited and Bernell Smith, and added some info for Sara Jo, in the class of 1957 section.

After the reunion, I added a then and now pair for the Girl's PE teacher in 1957, J. Cope (June Cope, I think).

Sadly, I added Marlene Desmore Neldon and Tom Lenihan to our Lost Ones list as well as added them to the Lost Ones video, with the link located on the Missing page.

Using a picture of Tom Lenihan that I recently received from Don King, I added a Then and Now pair for Tom.


Gil just sent out the sad notice that classmate David Engle passed away this month.

I added his name to the Lost Ones list, with a link to his obituary.

I also added David to the Lost Ones video.

In addition, I added a new Now picture of Penny Welch Armstong and added an e-mail from Gail Mungen Burnett, with links to a portion of an old Reflections.

So, please plan on meeting with us all at the upcoming All-Class Reunion this month.


UPDATE from Gil Archuletta: 

MCHS 60th Anniversary Evening Get-togethers 

Following the day's activities at the school, Alumni will be getting together, by decade, at various locations for drinks and snacks. The following are the locations for each decade (all on the Saturday evening, July 24th): 

1950's: Union Cattle Company - 1301 Manhattan Avenue, Hermosa Beach, 6 - 9 pm (the one that the class of 1957 will be attending)

1960's: Manhattan Beach cluster: Beaches, Shellback, Brewco - 100 block of Manhattan Beach Blvd. 

1970's: Marriot Hotel Lounge Area - 1400 Parkview, Manhattan Beach 

1980's: Hermosa Beach cluster: Hennessy, Sangria, Patrick Malloys - 100 Block Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach. 

1990's: Mr. Pockets - 516 No. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach. 

2000's: Manhattan Beach cluster: Sharks Cove, Hennessy - 300 block Manhattan Beach Blvd., Manhattan Beach. 


It has been a while since the last update, and I just found that I wasn't sending the updates to all on my list.

Hopefully you all will get this, and you can see all the other updates at updates

Since the last update, I sadly added some information abut Linda Peterson's passing, Linda.

I also added 5 new pictures from Vince Fennell, added an old picture from Vince, and added more info on Susan Barrington to the Class of 1957 pages. I just added a web site address for Arlene Bales Ryan.

We hope to see you all at the All-Class reunion, more information on the home page..

If we do go, it will probably only be for the 53-59 party on Saturday night


Dear all,

I am sorry to report that Linda Peterson just passed away on April 15th.


I just added a very long e-mail from Jack Eastman, to the e-mail section, and also updated the home page to include the latest updates for the up-coming All-Class reunion in July, as listed below.

From Marilyn Lyon Hancock:

  1. July 23rd – Class of ’57 meets at Ercoles at 5:00 for drinks, then go to dinner, restaurant not selected as yet.
  2. July 24th – School event for each decade, I think he said 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  3. Gil has reserved the sound stage at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach (now changed to the Union Cattle Company,  Hermosa Beach) for our decade ’53-’59, for cocktails and hors ‘d oeuvres, from 6:00 – 9:00 PM 
  4. Maybe we can plan a brunch for Sunday if we haven’t gotten sick of each other?

From me: check the home page regularly for updates. 

Marilyn is trying very hard to get us to change our previous commitments so we can attend too, so maybe we WILL see you there.


I decided to go ahead and send an update, even though I had not heard much about the upcoming All-Class Reunion in July. 

However, I did recently get the following message, in regards to the reunion, from Gil Archuletta: 

Herman: Nothing new as of this date. However, we have a meeting of the Committee on April 13th at Mira Costa. At that meeting I hope to solidify location(s) for the evening events. I have also suggested to some that Class of '57 get together Friday night, the 23rd, at Ercoles about 5 p.m., then heading somewhere for dinner would be a lot of fun.

I will let you know when more info is available.


For the class web site,

  1. I added an e-mail from Diane Lingo (Kathy Ainsworth),
  2. removed the classmate directory, 
  3. added Phyllis Brouillard and Gwen Ellis to the Lost List and Lost Ones movie, 
  4. added a Then and Now photo pair for Daine Fowler, added a Now photo and Recent Pictures for Lois Hutto (Wyman), 
  5. and I added some contact information for Susan Barrington (Hunter).

We both also hope to be able to make it to the upcoming All-Class reunion. We realize that it may be our last chance to see some of the classmates.

Herman and Cecelia (Myers) Brown


I recently have heard from a few classmates for the first time, and so far have added contact information for Lois Hutto (Wyman), Lorraine Bellwood (Ault), and Diane Lingo (Kathy Ainsworth). I also received a Now picture from Kathy for the Then and Now section.

On that note, I still am missing Now pictures for Rudy Arce, Arlene Bates (Ryan), Lorraine Bellwood (Ault), Art Decker, Nadine Fine, Ruth Diana Fowler, John Hope, Lois Hutto (Wyman), and Betty West (Davidson).

So if there are more recent pictures available for or from these classmates, please send them to me.

I will keep reminding you!

My goal is to get fairly recent pictures of EVERYONE that was in our class, whether they graduated with us or not, so I am trying to contact everyone on Classmates for whom I do not have an email address, so I can add their contact information and pictures to the site.

I also added a link to a movie of pictures taken during the 50's and 60's, sent to me by Laura Lee Smith (Dreyfus).


Laura Le (Smith) Dreyfus just sent me some of her pictures and newspaper clips (some old pictures, one new picture), and I added them to the site.

The old ones are on a new page, old-7.html.

The new picture is on the bottom of page 8 on the Recent Photos section, recent.htm.

If you have some pictures to share with the rest of us, please send them to me before you toss them in the bucket.


It was recently brought to my attention that all the reunion pictures I had stored at Kodak, are no longer available. These included the professional shots, my shots, and Linda Zimmerman's. So I made new pages for them and uploaded all but a few.

Because of the large number, I placed them in rows of three across, so if you don't have wide angle screen, you may have to scroll sideways to view the last column. I also put more on each page, so they will take longer to download. 

All have links to larger images, so if you click on any image, you should get a larger, more printable version. To make it full size on the screen, in a PC, you can click on it again. Please let me know if any don't have a larger image attached.

All of the new pages are linked from reunion_pictures.htm.

I hope looking at them again will encourage you all to try to attend the upcoming All-Class reunion in July. Now the pictures are a little easier to view (and save). I got a lot of smiles while looking at all the happy faces again, and I am sure you will too.

I only added a few captions, for obvious reasons, and if you don't recognize everyone in them by now, you haven't looked at the rest of the pictures.

If you do attend the all-class reunion, please send me the pictures so I can add them to the site.


Don't have much to add other than to let you know that there is another MCHS All-Class reunion scheduled for July. 

From Gil: The date is July 24, 2010. I believe you can get info from the Mira Costa site and from Facebook. 

He said that they are working on meeting places by year, and that he will let me know when the places are known. 

And for our class site, I recently added contact information for Dianne Fowler, and I added some Old Pictures given to me by Skip Stratton and Sharon Welton, who was a year behind us. She lived near me in Hermosa and we attended the same schools, but we don't know if we ever met. 

I will probably be adding more pictures from Sharon, mostly if they include any of from class. 

I just found out that Google Chrome may not show the latest additions.


First, to quote Jack Eastman, "Have a happy and prosperous Holiday Season. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwaanza, and anything else we can think of. "

Now the latest MICOHI Class of 1957 site updates:

  1. I added a 3rd picture for Jack Eastman in the Then and Now section, 
  2. I added contact info for Art Decker, 
  3. and I added contact info for Robert von Sternberg, added a Then and Now pair of pictures for him,
  4. plus added a new page to the Recent Pictures section, page 8, with several pictures he just sent me. Some great surfing shots too. All are linked to larger pictures.

Plus I want to remind those who have yet to send me a recent picture, to please do so: Rudy Arce, Art Decker, Arlene (Bales) Ryan, John Hope, and Betty (West) Davidson.

I am always pleased to hear from any classmate and to receive pictures, so.... 


A few updates:

  1. Added info for Leonard Headley, including his Bios and Then and Now pair of pictures.
  2. Added some new pictures from Leonard,
  3. With Leonard's assistance, we located, and I added the info, for John Hope,
  4. Added a picture of Tony Newburgh to the Herman's Old Photos section,
  5. Added an important message from Jim Stewart,
  6. And finally, I got a nice call from Parker Herriott, and have since added his info, plus a Then and Now pair for him.
And on another note, I wanted to add that Cecelia (Myers) Brown is doing quite well after her back surgery and even drove the car about 50 miles this morning. For those of you that have yet to send me a recent picture of yourself, please do it now, before time runs out!


i just got more mini-reunion pictures, so I am announcing their additions.

I added a second page for more pictures from Judy Cleland for the Greenville mini-reunion, and I added a page for some pictures from Susan McDill for the Mermaid Restaurant May Day mini-reunion.

I also organized the All Reunions page to separate the mini-reunions from the annual class reunions.

For the pictures I got from Susan, I left out the names, as most are on page 1.  If you want to send me any of the missing names, I will add them accordingly.

I also used higher resolution images for the larger image links. Click on any image after setting the browser for full page. Then click on the image again to see the highest resolution image.


I guess I have put if off too long, so here is the list of the latest updates to our class web site:

  1. Added a new Now picture for Phyllis Byrd
  2. Added more names to the Lincoln Elementary Class photo, via Phyllis. 
  3. Added contact info for Sandy Kast
    Added the whole 1957 Class of 1957 photo from Cecelia Myers
  4. Added a new Now picture for Betty Joe Grantham
    Added contact info for Rosemary Deauville
  5. Uploaded two new Mini-Reunion albums for the Mermaid Restaurant May Day Party and a recent trip to our home by Marilyn Lyon and Judy Cleland. If you have more pictures from the Mermaid Party (or ANY get together), please send them to me. 
  6. Removed Betty West from the Missing list, via info from Nadene Fine
  7. Added contact info for Betty West (I am waiting for a Now picture).
  8. Added Nadene Fine's name to the Class of 1957 list, but I have no contact info nor Now picture yet.

Note: If you have any email addresses for any classmates NOT listed on the site in the Class Directory, please let me know so I can contact them.

I contacted Charlie Marshall and Art Decker via, but have not heard back from either of them. If you have contact info (other than for either of them, please let me know.

Herman (


These were my last updates to our web site, as far as I can remember:

  1. I added Glenda Goodwin to the Lost list and video,
  2. added Dennis Riegler to the Lost video, 
  3. added Karen Aber to the Lost list and video, 
  4. added Albert Brandt to the Lost list and video,
  5. added two new pictures from Marilyn Lyon Hancock
  6. added a Now picture for Pat Barnett and added two new pictures from him, 
  7. added 3 old pictures that I found somewhere, 
  8. and I added a Lincoln Elementary 6th Grade Class picture from Laura Dunagan. I soon received a bunch of the names from Betty Joe Grantham. See if you can identify some of those with missing names.

We need another reunion soon!



We just received the sad news from one of his sons, that our long-time friend and classmate, Albert Brandt, passed away on February 15, 2009.


I recently added a new page for our class site, linked at the top of the home page, and that is a Search the Site page. When you get a chance, please try it and let me know what you think. I know it behaves kind of weird, but it was easy to add to the site.

I also have had recent dialog with many who missed the reunion, and for two, I have removed them from the Missing List and been given permission to add some of their info to the web site, Pat Barnett and Arlene Bales.

Also, or trustworthy George Laun has recently sent me several more names for which I will add the info as soon as I get their permission:

Lonnie Woodrow Morris
Peter Leo Shannon
Fredrick (Fred) Adam Pfahler
Carl Henry Probasco
Patricia Rycroft
Roxy Say
Loretta Sanden (Lemley)

Unfortunately, some he sent me may have left us, but the details have yet to be completely verified:

Glenda L. Goodwin (1939-2005)
Karen Aber (1940-1991)
Claude Eugene Waterman (1938-1998)

If you have any information on any of those classmates listed above, please let me know.


I thought I had better send out our graduating class site update before the end of the year, while I still had the energy.

First, after I bought a wide screen monitor, I decided to lay out the pages so they would look better on wide screen monitors. Lots of pages to change!

Then I added a new Bios section for your comments and hopefully, additions.

The next changes were to add some new info on La Vonne Heimforth and some personal web page links on the Classmate Directory.

I added a recent picture from Kris Kelly and used part of the picture for a Then and Now pair. 

I added a link to the MCHS Class of 1960 web site. 

I added a recent picture from George Laun, an email from Gil Archuletta, and a old group picture from Judy Cleland.

Sadly, I added an obituary (courtesy of Carol Felat) with a picture for Dennis Riegler, who recently passed away this August. I then added his picture and info to the Lost Page and the Then and Now pages. His obituary is linked from the Lost Page, and I found it to be very interesting

We all need to get together again soon!

Happy Holidays to you all!
Herman and Cecelia Brown

PS: I am still hoping for a recent picture from Rudy Arce and a reply from Arlene Bales.


I thought I had better announce the latest updates while I was still at home:

  1. I added a Then and Now pair for Anita (Klein) Luchessi using a recent photo taken by Edna (Butler) Irons, plus added the whole picture to the Recent Pictures section.
  2. added an email from Edna to the Emails section,
  3. added info and email link for Rudy Arce, plus added a Then photo of him in anticipation of his sending me a recent photo for the Now picture,
  4. added two names to the American Martyrs class photo, courtesy of Virginia (Savoie) Tait,
  5. added a new page (page 7) to the Recent Pictures section, with some recent photos taken by Virginia,
  6. and using one of the pictures from Virginia, I added a Then and Now pair for LaVonne (Heimforth) Conner. 

I hope to get more info soon to add for both Anita and LaVonne.


Just a few updates to announce:

  1. Added a new picture of Rosemary Russell
  2. added an old picture of Robert Baker in my Old pictures section, 
  3. added a new section for the recent Greek Festival attended by several classmates:
  4. and I added a movie/slideshow with MOST of the pictures Vince Fennell took at the festival:


I guess I forgot to list all the other recent updates to the  site:

  1. I added an old Woolworth menu via Judy (Hagenbaugh) Thun
  2. added more names to the old class pictures, 
  3. added a Then and Now pair of pictures for Carol Felat
  4. removed Lance Nowland from the Missing list, 
  5. added another old picture from Web Whitlock
  6. changed the Now picture for Mary Anne Raymond
  7. and I added her info to the Directory and Class of 1957 list.


I just uploaded a bunch of pictures taken when Linda Meyers, Linda (Skelton) Zimmerman, and Laura Dunagan, went together to Catalina, to relive our Senior Ditch Day of 1957.


I think you will see they all had a great time and that you should enjoy as much as I did, seeing some of the island again.

On the first page, there is a link to a slideshow/movie, with most all the pictures.


Following are the latest updates to the site. I hope that ALL of you who haven't already done so already, will send me permission to add your contact information to the site, as it seems to be encouraging more of us to get together and to make new friends. I myself have been having some great email conversations with both Betty Joe Grantham and Sandi Winkler, neither of whom I knew in high school.

  1. I added a "Now" plus a recent picture of LaVonne Gipson.
  2. added a new picture from Judy Cleland,
  3. added more names to the old class pictures,
  4. sadly updated the Lost Ones List and Video,
  5. corrected some picture titles for Eldora Littlejohn,
  6. added contact info and a Then and Now pair for Betty Joe Grantham,
  7. added an email from Laura Lee Smith,
  8. and added a bunch of old pictures from Bruce Hampton.


It is great that I am still continuing to get more stuff to add to our site: (in order of the addition)

  1. I added an email from Laura Dunagan,
  2. added a new "Now" picture for Laura in the "Then and Now" section,
  3. added info for Ernie Woods to the Class of 1957 pages and class directory,
  4. added a 6th grade Grandview class picture from Ernie, plus added lots of the names,
  5. updated the home page a bit to better explain the new sections,
  6. added Jack Greenwald's name to a few pictures,
  7. added info for Ray Duerr,
  8. added an email from Nick Comitas,
  9. added a "Then" picture for Lavonne Gipson,
  10. added info for Linda Durbin,
  11. and I added info for Jim Withers.

Thanks to all for your input!


I just finished my latest round of updates for the site, so I thought I had better send out a notice of such before it started to get too warm to work:

  1. I added some recent photos from Laura Dunagan
  2. added lots more photos from Laura for the Lyon/Hancock mini-reunion, 
  3. added a whole bunch of 50th Reunion photos from Laura, 
  4. and I added a Then and Now pair for Lynn Schroeder, using a picture from Laura.

We recently had a visit from our new friend, Val (Byrne) Gilbert, and if you want to see a slide show presentation I made using the pictures she took, plus a few of mine, go to The background music is from a CD sent to me by another friend from our Santa Barbara days, Wally Barnick, who is the bass player for the Cache Valley Drifters, singing and playing with a few of his old musician friends.

Val's visit was very uplifting for us because of her joy and enthusiasm for EVERYTHING, as you might be able to tell from the slide show.

We didn't know Val very much at Micohi, but both Cecelia and I have become close friends with her as a result of the reunion site, our recent 50th class reunion, and lots of emails.


In April, Cecelia and I were invited to attended a mini-reunion at Marilyn Lyon Hancock's home, and I have since been given lots of pictures to upload for a mini-reunion page and for some of the other pages.

  1. I just got a CD with pictures from one of the attendees, Linda Skelton Zimmerman, and from the CD, have added some recent pictures, more 50th Reunion pictures, and have even been able to add a Then and Now pair for Henry Ford
  2. I also heard from Lance Nowland's wife and have added a Then and Now pair for him. 
  3. Plus, I added more names to several of the pictures,
  4. corrected the wrong picture of Gary Hurt on the Lost page and video, 
  5. added a photo of Kit Smith to the Lost page and video, 
  6. added emails from Bernie Haskins and Web Whitlock
  7. added more old pictures from Skip Stratton
  8. added some old pictures from Bob Baker
  9. added a recent picture of Gil Archuletta and Marilyn Lyon
  10. added a slide show for the pictures I took for the reunion weekend, 
  11. added a Hoofprint request email from a 1958 grad, 
  12. and included pictures from me, Linda Skelton, and Laura Dunagan on the recent mini-reunion page. 
  13. I also changed the home page title box, so "Past Reunions" is now "All Reunions",
  14. I should be adding more pictures from Laura for the mini-reunion.


I have added more names to the old class photos, added some new class pictures plus updated the pictures in most of the slide shows. I added a short movie clip of Gil Archuletta at the reunion party, and a long slide show with pictures of the Lost Ones: lost.wmv.

That was a big task and very hard to watch more than a few times, as you will see.

I just added a bunch of great old pictures from Skip Stratton and rescanned some of the Then pictures so there are a few of you with larger images. I eventually will do that to all of your pictures.

Enjoy, and I hope more are having mini-reunions also..


We just got back from a pleasant trip down to Southern CA. While down there, Cecelia and I attended a small, class of 1957 mini-reunion at Marilyn Lyon Hancock's house, and when I get more pictures that were taken that evening by Laura Dunagan, I plan to add a page or two to the site, with the pictures and another slide show.

Judy Cleland Bergen also came to the party, and she left me a bunch of old class pictures, plus a few other old pictures. I added those to the site. Many names are missing, but I did my best and expect some help.

I also added a Then and Now pair of pictures for her, as well as for Pat Lowery and Ed Edwards, plus added their info to the site. I also added a recent picture of them both, taken along with Jack Eastman and Mike Gardner ('58).

I changed Dicelle Black Curtis's Now picture to a better-looking one, and will update the slide show when I get more time, adding more pictures.

NEXT: The mini-reunion photos.


I just wanted to send out this update before we leaved for the South Bay.  Maybe we will be able to see some of you while we are down there:

  1. I updated the 50th Reunion pictures slide show, removing the duplicates, 
  2. made 3 more slide shows, all linked from the same page, one for just the Old (and new) Class pictures, one for the Personal Pictures, and one for the Past Reunion pictures
  3. added a picture of Jean Lindesmith to the Lost page, 
  4. and added some info for Judy Cleland Bergen, who promised to send me another old class picture plus a recent one of herself.

Hope to see you soon!


I just added a pretty nice slideshow with music for most of the pictures taken by the professional at the 50th Reunion Party. You can see it at

If you have good speakers, it makes a big difference. It contains about 300 pictures, so it takes a bit of time to go through them all but the music helps them go by pretty fast. It is worth seeing them all. The band Venice has graciously given me permission to use their songs for the slideshow.

I also:

  1. added a second Now picture of Gil Archuletta (click on it), by suggestion from Marilyn Lyon Hancock, as she said she just wanted the boys (includes Ernie) "to look their best",
  2. added some old pictures from Marilyn adding a Misc. 5 page to the Old Pictures section.
  3. added named to Marcia Schatan's 8th grade class picture, via Marcia,
  4. added more old pictures from Marcia, making a whole page for her,
  5. corrected Ron Bukowski's email address, 
  6. added more names to Marcia's Grandview class picture, from info from Dicelle Black Curtis,
  7. made a new page and link for the Movies and Slideshows
  8. and I updated Bob Baker's Now picture.

We are planning on going down to the South Bay soon to attend a small (?) mini-reunion, and are both very much looking forward to it. From watching the new slideshow, I hope more mini-reunions develop and more of you take advantage of the new Class Directory, to contact old friends and classmates.


Here is the list of updates since the last one:

  1. I added more names to the old class pictures, with lots of help from the twins again, 
    I removed the music from the slide show and replaced it with some for which I had permission to use. It is from a CD a friend of ours made, "Guitar Sketches", by and featuring David West,
  2. updated Ernie Woods' "Now picture" from a selection suggested by Marilyn Lyon Hancock
  3. added a nice email from Val Byrne Gilbert
  4. added more great old pictures from Val, 
  5. and I added more old pictures from Marcia Schatan, including another pair of class pictures, for which I will need several names. It was fun to see one of the 8th grade classes with so many familiar faces, many for which I did not have at the site before.

Enjoy and please help me with those names!


For the latest MCHS Class of 1957 reunion site update, I have added two new sections, one named Classmate Directory, for all the info I got for the Class of 1957 pages, and the other named Updates, to list all the site updates for those who are not yet on my mailing list.

I also have added a few more names for the old class pictures (with help from the twins again!), added an email from Rosemari (Russell) Reimer-Rice, added an email from Jack Eastman, added some info for Gil Archuletta, rearranged the existing slide show pictures, added a lot more pictures, added some titles, and removed all the music from the slide show.

I think that about covers it for now.


Just a quick note to say I just added a Then and Now pair for Marcia Schatan, added some old and new pictures of her (Old, Misc. 3, Recent, page 5), and with lots of help from the twins, added more names to the class pictures for both Center and Grandview

Thank you, Dicelle and DeAnne.

I also fixed some mistakes on the Old Pictures section, mainly restoring the missing Misc. 4 section.

Soon I should have more old class pictures, courtesy of Marcia, and a Then and Now pair from Carol Nix.

If any of you see more mistakes or missing names, PLEASE let me know.

And keep the pictures coming!

Before I forget, does anybody have a new email address for Ron Bukowski? (I now have it, hb)


For the Class of 1957 pages, I recently added more names and/or current information.

First, Jack Eastman finally sent me an email address, and that is linked with his name on the Class of 1957 page, and his physical address is still displayed when you move your mouse over his name.

I also added the same type of info for Carol Nix, after I added her and Marcia Schatan to the class list, with some info for Marcia too.

I also added info for Kris Kelly.

For Lavonne Gipson, I added some info, with a link to her daughter's email address as an email contact, as well as listed her mailing address and phone number when you move your mouse over her name. She is anxious to hear from any classmate.

I added a Then and Now pair of pictures for Carol Nix, plus included an email posting from her on the Bulletin Board.

I added some old pictures from Ernie Woods, which include two more Center Street class pictures. If you see any faces there that you can still recognize, please send me the names. I have yet to add any names to the pictures yet, and I do recognize more than a few now.

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season too.


Quick update:

I just added LOTS more "Then and Now" pairs, using pictures from the yearbook (some from '56) and the reunion parties. 

The section now includes 87 classmate pictures spread out over 17 pages, with an index at the top of the page, so if your picture is missing, please let me know where your picture is at the site, and I will add your pictures. If you prefer another one for the Now shot, let me know that too. It is still my favorite section!

Also, I am sure I am missing some names under the other pictures and have made mistakes on the ones I did add, so please send me any corrections or additions.


I just added several reunion weekend photos from Judy (Hagenbaugh) Thun, added lots of names to more of the pictures, and added lots of fun Then and Now pairs.

I am sure I made lots of errors, so please send me any corrections, or names to replace the question marks under the photos.


Just a quick update: I added 5 more pictures to Marilyn Lyon's reunion shots, and added 2 old "shots" sent by George Laun and put under Misc. 3 in the Old Photos section.


I just finished uploading all the shots taken at the 50th class reunion by the professional photographer. They are linked on the 50th Reunion photos page. Nice shots of everybody. I mean, EVERYBODY.

There are 341 pictures total, so I broke then up into 3 albums.

I saw lots of smiling faces, so I would guess most everybody had a pretty decent time. I also saw pictures of many of you with which I had wanted to visit, but we just seemed to run out of time. 

Maybe at the next reunion.

I also added some photos from Marilyn Lyon, added her info, added links to each photographer on the reunion page in case you want to try to get a higher resolution photo, and added info for Gail Mungen. I also updated the home page format a bit, but I already forgot just what I did.

Please let me know what you think of the Kodak Photo Gallery format and if you see any wrong or missing names on the other photos. 

I am still adding them slowly. 


Here are the latest updates:

I got a new domain name for the site, tried to update the home page a bit, added more old pictures of mine, added more names to some of the reunion pictures, added some info for Jack Eastman, the Ploughs, and for Ken Ziegler, and added pictures from the McDills, which are linked to images large enough for printing because they had sent them to me on a CD.

Jack Eastman called us to say that he arrived home safely, and that he wanted me to let everyone know.

So please send me YOUR pictures as soon as you can.


I added a few pictures from Gwen (Strong), Penny (Welch), and Toni (Lombard), added info for Penny, added an email from Val (Byrne), and added lots of Then and Now photo pairs.

I also finally went ahead created a new, simpler, domain name for the site,

The old link still works.

I am still adding names to some of the pictures, slowly.

Seeing the pictures helps me relive the wonderful weekend again and again.


I was just able to add some pictures from Linda Skelton Zimmerman to the 30th Reunion site, reunion_30-linda.htm, plus I uploaded 141 of her pictures from the weekend, to Kodak Gallery. Click HERE.

Please tell me what you think of this format, as I edited all the pictures somewhat in order to make them upload faster and fit the size limitations of the site.

There are thumbnails at the bottom of the page, and when you place your curser over a picture, you will see a slightly larger image.

If you sign up with the gallery, you will also get 20 ea.  4 x 6 prints, all for free.


This will probably be the last site update for until we get back here from Manhattan Beach: 

  1. I added some info for Web Whitlock, Denny Barton, and Salvador Contreras, and added a few more old pictures of mine, 
  2. added a new section for my own upcoming reunion pictures, 
  3. added a Then and Now pair for Web, plus new picture of him and his wife,
  4. added some old pictures for Buck Segerblom, plus included a Then and Now pair, 
  5. and I added a long slide show with music for most of the pictures, at movies/57-reunion_0002.wmv for which you will need a high speed connection. 

We plan to have a place  for uploading pictures to a photo sharing site, where you can either download high resolution images or buy prints.

See you all soon, I hope!


It is getting closer to the reunion weekend date!

I just made a few changes or additions to the site:

  1. I removed Lewis Neldon and Marlene (Densmore) Neldon from the Missing list,
  2. added both their info to the Class of 1957 pages, 
  3. added info for Skip Stratton, plus a Then and Now pair for him and some Recent Pictures, including a recent picture of his restored '57 Cheve, and included an email from him, 
  4. added a then and now pair for Mike Roth and Pat (Owings) Roth ('58) plus a recent picture of both of them, 
  5. and I added info for Bruce Hampton, plus added a fun email from him to the email page 

I also just bought a new, smaller camera mainly for the big weekend. I plan to get lots of shots of as many of you as I can, so keep smiling!


I just got a bunch of pictures from Susan Broberg McDill and a few from others, so I have been updating the site:
  1. I added Then and Now photos for Trent Castricone, plus added his info to the Class of 1957 page, 
  2. added Then and Now photos for Bernard Connolly
  3. added Then and Now photos for George Stoneman, plus added a new photo of him and Laurie, 
  4. added info for Jim Stewart
  5. added Then and Now pair plus a new photo for Marilyn Reynold
  6. changed Ron Bukowski's email address, 
  7. corrected a few misspelled and wrong names, 
  8. added info for Chris Bader
  9. added a class picture for Pier Avenue Jr. High
  10. added the McDill's and old photos, 
  11. added Then and Now photos for Ron and Susan together, 
  12. added emails from Nick Comitas and myself, 
  13. and finally, I added a new section under the Old Pictures, just for all the All-Class pictures.


So if you see any misspelled names or missing pictures or names, PLEASE let me know, as it always seems to look okay to me here.


The new stuff is coming to me pretty fast lately, so I am sending out update notices more frequently so I won't get out of sync. 

Since the last update, I just added email links and info for Nick Comitas, Linda Meyers, Patricia Colman, Nancy Dornoff, Val Byrne, Gail Greaves, and Bernard Connolly, plus I have added several Then and Now pairs, and included both old and new photos, for most of them.

I think all have said they will be coming to the reunion.

I have also revised the Invitation and Registration Form to emphasize "Casual Attire" for all reunion events.

I also added Evelyn F. Benwell to the Missing List and removed Bernard Connolly from the same list.

More names have been added to a few of the old class pictures, and I am expecting to get more Now pictures pretty soon.

If any see info that I missed adding, please let me know.

I think that about does it for right now!


Just wanted you all to know that more email links and residence information have been added to the Class of 1957 pages, plus I have just added a few set of pictures on the Then and Now section, this time for Carolyn (Ewart) Stewart and Ron Bukowski. I also may have a few new postings on the Bulletin Board that you may not have seen yet, so you might want to check out those sections. The Missing List is slowly getting shorter, thanks to some of your help. 

If you haven't already sent me permission to add a link to your email address, and/or the current city and state of residence, to the site, please do. I have lots of email addresses, but not all of you have sent me specific permission to add the information to the site. More pictures would be welcome too, both old or new.

One of the rewards to me of my doing the web site, is getting to hear from so many of you, some for the first time. It makes both of us more and more excited about coming to the reunion.

So, thanks very much for sending me your emails, 


The Missing List of the MCHS Class of 1957 has grown considerably as more mail is being returned. If you have the time, please go to missing.html and see if there are any classmates for which you know their addresses.

If you do know their whereabouts, please pass on the information to one of the contact names listed on the page.

The Lost List has sadly grown too.


I Just added the latest missing classmates list to the site, (sadly) added another name (Sue Fishburn) to the Lost Ones list, and added Gil Archuletta to the Then and Now page.
If you have any contact info for anyone on the Missing List, please notify one of those listed on the page, and if you have any Then and Now photos (of ANY classmate), please pass them on to me and I will add them to the site. 

This is my favorite page.

Bernie Haskins said she would like to see email addresses listed on the web site. I myself would like to include complete addresses somewhere too, that is, if I can have your permission and current mailing address.

Please let me know what you think about it.